This Weekend…!

This weekend will be somewhat momentous!

Back in 2009, I started writing my first graphic novel “Killing Abraham.” After slaving over the scripts for almost a solid year to tell the tale of one Mr. Norman Abraham Brown, I began the artwork to bring his story to life.

About six pages into drawing the tale, I found out I was going to have a second child, and the bedroom making up my art studio in our apartment was going to become the new baby’s room. Accordingly, I packed up my art supplies and put up a crib, and Abe’s story (literally) got shelved. Even after buying a new home and getting settled in 2017, Abe’s life sat on the top shelf of my closet next to a few hundred rounds of 9mm handgun ammunition and an oddball collection of knives and swords.

For years, I wondered if I’d ever get back to telling Abe’s story, as time and space to do so were rarely ever there simultaneously to flesh out his tale from the scripted page. I would get dressed everyday and look up to see Abe peeking out from his prison of 11″x17″ comic book paper. Everyday he would ask, “Are you gonna keep me here forever?”

And everyday, I would lie and tell him, “No. We’ll get you outta there. SOON. I promise.”

Then, sometime in 2019 (I’d tell you the dates if I could remember them) my friend of near two decades, Aaron Asnicar, messaged me to ask if he could draw “Killing Abraham.” And without hesitation, I said, “Yeah!” There may have been a few more excited expletives preceding my “yeah,” though I don’t recall which expletives they were. I’m old. Get off my lawn.

Aaron is like a brother to me. Maybe something even closer. Back in the early 2000s, we created fantastic worlds and stories together over buckets of coffee at our local IHOP (worlds we’re currently revisiting and rebuilding to tell more tales in the near future.) He is a truly talented artist. My creative partner/hetero-life-mate. We keep each other in creative checks and balances. We support each other in our creative endeavors. Aaron is the first person I contact when I have a new story idea or artistic venture I’m thinking of pursuing. And like a true creative partner, if my idea sucks, we brainstorm together until it doesn’t suck anymore.

All of this to say-

This weekend, (LATE TONIGHT!) after years of working and waiting, Aaron and I will begin releasing “Killing Abraham” online as a webcomic. We’ll begin with the first handful of pages today, and we’ll release one page every Saturday until the story is told (drawn/colored/etc.) in its entirety.

Written by myself, drawn by Aaron, and colored by my lovely bride Britnee, I’m truly excited to finally get Abe’s tale out to the world the way his story was meant to be told.

So, come back later tonight… AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS! We look forward to seeing you back here to join Abe on his journey!

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